portrait Björn Schießle
Computer Scientist (Dipl. Inf.), graduated at University of Stuttgart
Free Software (aka Open Source) activist at FSFE
FSFE's Deputy Coordinator Germany
Software Engineer at ownCloud Inc.

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GnuPG key 0x2378A753E2BF04F6
Fingerprint: 244F CEB0 CB09 9524 B21F
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XMPP ID bjoern@schiessle.org
OTR Fingerprint: 1E2B 3807 DA19 BAC2 370D
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IRC Chat BeS@irc.freenode.net #fsfe #owncloud #owncloud-dev

  • Integrate ToDo.txt into Claws Mail
    I use Claws Mail for many years now. I like to call it “the mutt mail client for people who prefer a graphical user interface”. Like Mutt, Claws is really powerful and allows you to adjust it exactly to your needs. During the last year I began to enjoy managing my open tasks with ToDo.txt. […]
  • The ownCloud Public Link Creator
    Holiday season is the perfect time to work on some stuff on your personal ToDo list. ownCloud 6 introduced a public REST-style Share-API which allows you to call various share operations from external applications. Since I started working on the Share-API I thought about having a simple shell script on my file manager to automatically […]
  • Introduction to the new ownCloud Encryption App
    Last weekend we released a first preview version of the new encryption app. This wouldn’t be possible without the work done by Sam Tuke and Florin Peter. Thanks a lot for all your work! Let me take the opportunity to tell you some details about the app, what it does and how it works. The […]