Björn Schießle
Computer Scientist (Dipl. Inf.), graduated at University of Stuttgart
Creating free, decentralized and open cloud technology at Nextcloud
Free Software (aka Open Source) educator and advisor
Speaker and writer about technology enabled political and social change
FSFE's Deputy Coordinator Germany and member of the General Assembly

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  • Transfer Public Links to Federated Shares
    Creating public links and sending them to your friends is a widely used feature of Nextcloud. If the recipient of a public link also has a Nextcloud or ownCloud account he can use the “Add to your Nextcloud” button to mount the content over WebDAV to his server. On a technical level all mounted public […]
  • History and Future of Cloud Federation
    I’m now working for about two years on something called Federated Cloud Sharing. It started on June, 23er 2014 with the release of ownCloud 7.0. Back then it was simply called “Server to Server sharing”. During all this years I never wrote about the broader ideas behind this technology, why we do it, what we […]
  • Freedom for whom?
    This discussion is really old. Since the first days of the Free Software movement people like to debate to whom the freedom in Free Software is directed? The users? The code? The developers? Often this goes along with a discussion about copyleft vs non-protecting Free Software licenses like the BSD- and the MIT-License. I don’t […]
  • Road Ahead
    I just realized that at June, 1 it is exactly four years since I joined ownCloud Inc. That’s a perfect opportunity to look back and to tell you about some upcoming changes. I will never forget how all this get started. It was FOSDEM 2012 when I met Frank, we already knew each other from […]