portrait Björn Schießle
Computer Scientist (Dipl. Inf.), graduated at University of Stuttgart
Free Software (aka Open Source) and Open Standards Evangelist
FSFE's Deputy Coordinator Germany
Software Engineer at ownCloud Inc.

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  • Road Ahead
    I just realized that at June, 1 it is exactly four years since I joined ownCloud Inc. That’s a perfect opportunity to look back and to tell you about some upcoming changes. I will never forget how all this get started. It was FOSDEM 2012 when I met Frank, we already knew each other from […]
  • Freie Software im Koalitionsvertrag Baden-Württemberg
    Am 13. März wurde in Baden-Württemberg der neue Landtag gewählt. Die nächsten 5 Jahre werden politisch von einer Koalition aus Bündnis 90/Die Grünen und der CDU gestaltet. Am letzten Wochenende wurde hierfür der Koalitionsvertrag von beiden Parteien bestätigt. Ich nahm diese Gelegenheit zum Anlass, um mir den Koalitionsvertrag genauer anzusehen, insbesondere mit Blick auf Freie […]
  • Installing Wallabag 2 on a Shared Web Hosting Service
    Wallabag describes itself as a self hostable application for saving web pages. I’m using Wallabag already for quite some time and I really enjoy it to store my bookmarks, organize them by tags and access them through many different clients like the web app, the official Android app or the Firefox plug-in. Yesterday I updated […]
  • Guake Terminal Improvement for Multi-Monitor Setups
    Guake is a top-down “Quake-style” terminal. I use it on a daily basis on the Xfce desktop. The only drawback, Guake doesn’t work the way I want it on a multi-monitor setup. On such a setup the terminal always starts on the main (left) monitor. But for many people, including myself, the left monitor is […]
  • RT @ownclouders ownCloud Mail v0.5 released – With .ics event import !ownCloud - https://io.schiessle.org/url/15993
  • Looking back to four awesome years at ownCloud and some upcoming changes http://blog.schiessle.org/2016/05/26/road-ahead/ !ownCloud #
  • Interesting thoughts on # and who owns stuff once it is published:

    "Before the publication, the author has an undeniable and unlimited right. Think of a man like Dante, Molière, Shakespeare. Imagine him at the time when he has just finished a great work. His manuscript is there, in front of him; suppose that he gets the idea to throw it into the fire; nobody can stop him. Shakespeare can destroy Hamlet, Molière Tartufe, Dante the Hell.
    But as soon as the work is published, the author is not any more the master. It is then that other persons seize it: call them what you will: human spirit, public domain, society. It is such persons who say: I am here; I take this work, I do with it what I believe I have to do, [...] I possess it, it is with me from now on..."

    - Victor Hugo, in the 1870's, as chair of l'Association Littéraire Internationale.
  • "the ratio of vol­un­teer to paid work can serve as an indi­ca­tor for the health of open source projects and aid the management of the respec­tive com­mu­ni­ties." - Already a few years old, but still a interesting academic research paper which comes to the conclusion that 50% of all Free Software devel­op­ment has been paid work. http://bit.ly/1TkdRdJ
  • "Die Betriebsökonomen haben seit einiger Zeit alles in "Prozesse" verpackt, was wohl zu Effizienz geführt hat. Für Innovationen aber gibt es keinen "Prozess". Manchmal muss man sich auch in den Wald setzen und den Gedanken freien Lauf lassen." - Kann ich nur bestätigen, ich kenne das zu gut aus dem Bereich der Softwareentwicklung. http://bit.ly/1Otwg5z
  • How to migrate from !Debian stable packages to the official and up-to-date !ownCloud packages. http://bit.ly/1TB0OEd