portrait Björn Schießle
Computer Scientist (Dipl. Inf.), graduated at University of Stuttgart
Free Software (aka Open Source) activist at FSFE
FSFE's Deputy Coordinator Germany
Software Engineer at ownCloud Inc.

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  • Installing Wallabag 2 on a Shared Web Hosting Service
    Wallabag describes itself as a self hostable application for saving web pages. I’m using Wallabag already for quite some time and I really enjoy it to store my bookmarks, organize them by tags and access them through many different clients like the web app, the official Android app or the Firefox plug-in. Yesterday I updated […]
  • Guake Terminal Improvement for Multi-Monitor Setups
    Guake is a top-down “Quake-style” terminal. I use it on a daily basis on the Xfce desktop. The only drawback, Guake doesn’t work the way I want it on a multi-monitor setup. On such a setup the terminal always starts on the main (left) monitor. But for many people, including myself, the left monitor is […]
  • Federated Sharing – What’s new in ownCloud 9.0
    Privacy, control and freedom was always one of the main reasons to run your own cloud instead of storing your data on a proprietary and centralized service. Only if you run your own cloud service you know exactly where your data is stored and who can access it. You are in control of your data. […]
  • The next Generation of Code Hosting Platforms
    The last few weeks there has been a lot of rumors about GitHub. GitHub is a code hosting platform which tries to make it as easy as possible to develop software and collaborate with people. The main achievement from GitHub is probably to moved the social part of software development to a complete new level. […]
  • Great! # released the a new version of their operating system without proprietary # Apps and services. http://bit.ly/1rFEKSP
  • Einfach GPG installieren will man nicht. Stattdessen pflegt man Vorbehalte gegenüber Freier Software und arbeitet seit 2014 an einer S/MIME basierten Lösung, die es immerhin schon ins Beta Stadium gebracht hat... Trauriges Fazit: sichere E-Mail im Bundestag und im Europäischen Parlament gibt es nicht. https://io.schiessle.org/url/14099
  • Good ethical evaluations of code-hosting services by @fsf but I'm missing some important criteria.


    I would have given the criterion whether the server software is Free Software a higher prority. This is important to be independent, to have multiple providers or to self-host it. Therfore you should also be able to export all your data, so it is sad that this is only a "A+5" criterion. I'm also missing criteria like decentralization and federation. I think they are really important to avoid the next data silos.

    As a follow-up for my arguments I recommend:


  • „Wenn ich mir anschaue, was wir mit den Grünen in puncto Vorratsdatenspeicherung, bei Online-Durchsuchungen und anderen Präventivmaßnahmen in der Arbeitsgruppe vereinbart haben, dann ist das mehr als respektabel.“ Mit der FDP wäre das undenkbar, meinte Strobl

    Für die einen Grund zur Anerkennung, für die anderen nur traurig. Man sieht halt immer wieder das Bürgerrechte für die Grünen kein Kernthema sind, sondern im Zweifelsfall Verhandlungsmasse. Sogar als stärkste Partei. :( Es wäre an der Zeit, dass die # wieder mehr # wagen!

  • Installing Wallabag 2 on a Shared Web Hosting Service https://io.schiessle.org/url/12929
  • Yes, it's 2016 but it is still not self-evident: If you release software and want broad adoption, English is the default language of choice
  • RT @mxmehl ♻ @michaelwehram: Interview mit @mxmehl von der @fsfe. Eben erschienen auf http://bit.ly/1SlQ2a9 … # # #
  • Nantes Métropole, France’s 6th largest city, will invest 200.000 Euro in # http://bit.ly/1XBy41w #