Björn Schießle
Computer Scientist (Dipl. Inf.), graduated at University of Stuttgart
Creating free, decentralized and open cloud technology at Nextcloud
Free Software (aka Open Source) educator and advisor
Speaker and writer about technology enabled political and social change
FSFE's Deputy Coordinator Germany and member of the General Assembly

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  • Rolle Rückwärts in München: Diese Fragen sollte man sich stellen
    Bereits diesen Mittwoch soll die Entscheidung fallen: München will bis 2021 die Nutzung des GNU/Linux-Desktop-Clients “LiMux” beenden und damit ein erfolgreiches Leuchtturmprojekt beenden. Ich habe dazu einen ausführlichen Artikel auf Netzpolitik.org veröffentlicht. Bürger haben ein Recht darauf, dass der Stadtrat verantwortungsvoll und professionell arbeitet. Angesichts der Tragweite der Entscheidung sollte auf jede der folgenden Fragen […]
  • The most sincere form of flattery
    Nextcloud now exists for almost exactly 8 months. During this time we put a lot of efforts in polishing existing features and developing new functionality which is crucial to the success of our users and customers. As promised, everything we do is Free Software (also called Open Source), licensed under the terms of the GNU […]
  • Werkzeugkasten Freie Software
    Nach viel Arbeit, die dank einem tollen Autoren-Team und Herausgeber mindestens genauso viel Spaß gemacht hat, freue ich mich das der Werkzeugkasten Freie Software veröffentlicht wurde. Ganz im Sinn der Open Education Resources ist der Werkzeugkasten unter der Creative Commons By-SA Lizenz erhältlich. Damit können alle Inhalte im und außerhalb des Unterrichts frei verwendet werden, […]
  • Cloud Federation – Getting Social
    With Nextcloud 11 we continue to work on one of our hot topics: Cloud Federation. This time we focus on the social aspects. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to share their contact information. This enabled users to find each other and to start sharing. Therefore we extended the user […]
  • Transfer Public Links to Federated Shares
    Creating public links and sending them to your friends is a widely used feature of Nextcloud. If the recipient of a public link also has a Nextcloud or ownCloud account he can use the “Add to your Nextcloud” button to mount the content over WebDAV to his server. On a technical level all mounted public […]
  • Moved to the git master and there it seems to work :-) A more general question. I had a quite general error in the log, just a 500. Is there a debug mode or something? Couldn't find anything in the doc, but it might be useful the next time.
  • Thanks. Btw, I just added my first contact. Afterwards my profile page was blank and I got a 500 in the apache log. After removing the contact the profile page worked again. But using Friendica without contacts is a bit pointless ;-) I use the latest stable version friendica-3.5.1 and the contact I added was another Friendica account. Any idea?
  • Hm, the Friendica's global directory (http://dir.friendi.ca) seems to be offline. Is this only temporarily or is it gone forever? Just wondering because today I gave Friendica another try after a few months of absence. cc @heluecht maybe you know more :)
  • On the way to the Augsburger Linuxtag, meet me at the # booth or during my # talk. https://www.luga.de/Aktionen/LIT-2017/
  • Vicenza is choosing independence. Municipality and schools are migrating to Free Software. http://zoringroup.com/blog/2016/04/29/the-city-of-vicenza-is-choosing-zorin-os/
  • Google-Konten für alle Schüler wurden "plötzlich und ohne Ankündigung" eingeführt. Über den sorglosen Umgang von Schulen mit Schülerdaten https://io.schiessle.org/url/35034 # # #
  • European public administrations awarded for having shared their in-house developed IT solutions https://ec.europa.eu/isa2/news/winners-sharing-and-reuse-awards-made-public_en #