Free Software philosophy in the fourth century

(Book I, Chapter 1 "De doctrina christiana" "Corpus Christianorum", "Series latina", Vol. 32, p. 6, lines 10-11. Written 397 AD by Saint Augustinus.)

The context of the quote is the sharing of knowledge through teaching and writing. So it almost perfectly fits the philosophy of Free Software.

About Aurelius Augustinus

[ Picture of St. Augustinus - Lateranpalace in     Rome, Italy (6th century AD) ]

[ to the left: oldest known picture of St. Augustinus; from the Lateranpalace in Rome, Italy (6th century AD) ]

  • born 354 in the Roman province town Thagaste (current Algeria)

  • studies of Philosophy, Grammar and Rethorik in Thagaste, Carthago, Rome and Milano

  • 386 AD found his way to Christianity

  • 387 AD baptized

  • 390/391 AD Aurelius Augustinus became priest and shortly after bishop of Hippo Regius (current Algeria)

  • important role in the African church and important factor in the solution of dogmatic quarrels

  • 430 AD Augustinus died when the Vandals besieged the town

Due to his role in the dogmatic controversies and his far-spanning work, Augustinus has been seen as the theological authority in the medieval ages. Nowadays he is held as the most important latin founding-father of the church.

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