Join The Federation

The Federation is a global social network composed of independent nodes. This nodes are servers running a software designed to connect people by using a standardized communication protocol.

This global social network foster's freedom, independence and free speech. It is a place where you can follow and talk to people from all over the world without beeing locked up to a single service provider and without any kind of censorship. Together we seize the means of communication, and create real democracy online.

There is a huge range of social networks, which you can either install by your own or, if your prefer, join one of the many existing nodes. Some examples are:

I have a account at many of these networks and link to some of them on the main page. All my blog posts are send to a special Friendica account. I have chosen Friendica because it allows users to interact with my blog posts not only with a Friendica account but also with a Diaspora, GNU Social or Mastodon account. Feel free to subscribe to this account if you use on one of these networks. This way you wont miss any of my articles and can directly start discussing with other people.

If you are new to the Federation, then this is the perfect time to join me! Just pick one of the public servers on one of these networks and get started.

Once you follow me through one of these networks you can discuss my articles and exchange your ideas with a large group of people sharing similiar values.