"if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
Isaac Newton

Björn gives regular talks about various IT topics. Most of the time it is connected to his day-to-day job at Nextcloud or his volunteery work at FSFE. If you are interested in topics around Free Software, licensing, cloud computing and the technical, social, political and technical implications of modern IT, feel free to reach out to me.

A selection of my talks and presentations

Nextcloud - Did you know?

Over the years, Nextcloud became a powerful content collaboration platform. Even long-time Nextcloud users often overlook many of the (often) small but really useful features. In order to change this, it was time for a "Nextcloud - Did you know?" talk.

Nextcloud Hub

A introduction about the current state of Nextcloud given at RigaComm with the sub-title "Your complete GDPR compliant content collaboration platform"

The next 40 years of Free …

The talk was given at the GNU 40th Anniversary. I was pleased to be invited as the only representative of a Free Software company. The talk gives a positive outlook for the future and shows how new challenges can be solved by using Nextcloud and the latest development in the area of AI as an exemple.

Nextcloud Talk

Real-time commuinication in a file sync&share environment. Nextcloud envolved from a file sync & share solution to a full featured but still modular collaboration platform. Nextcloud Talk is a component which becomes more and more popular and enables Nextcloud users to perform 1:1 or group chats, video and audio calls. This presentation gives a introduction to the latest version of Nextcloud Talk, released together with Nextcloud 18

New Challenges for Free …

Different Free Software business models evolved over the past and the most successful are threaten these days by the raise of IaaS providers. What does this mean for the future of economical success of Free Software?

Freie Software - Eine …

In diesem Wintersemester organisiert die Hochschulgruppe “Freie Software und Freies Wissen Dresden” die Ringvorlesung “Freie Software und Freies Wissen als Beruf” an der HTW Dresden. Im Rahmen dieser Vorlesung wurde ich eingeladen eine Einführung in die Geschichte und Philosophie der Freien Software zu halten.

Software Freedom in the …

This is part of my day-to-day job but I also work on this project and on various apps in my spare time.

Digitale Abhängigkeit …

Wie kann man mit Freier Software nachhaltig für eine gute Bildung und eine starke und unabhängige Wirtschaft sorgen, dass war mein Thema auf den Fellbacher Weltwochen