Playfully doing something difficult, whether useful or not, that is hacking. *Richard Stallman

This page contain some of the software projects I worked on over the past few years. This is not a complete overview, I only list projects which might be interesting for other people as well.

Active Projects

  •    Nextcloud - This is part of my day-to-day job but I also work on this project and on various apps in my spare time.
  •    Nextcloud Share Link Creator - Directly upload files/folders from your favourite file manager (Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar, Nemo) and create a public link to share some files quickly.
  •    Mail to Todo.txt - Create a Todo.txt item from a mail with just one key in Claws Mail.
  •    Open mail from todo.txt - A Todo.txt extension to open a mail directly in Claws Mail again, if a todo item was created with "Mail to Todo.txt".
  •    Mastodon2Buffer - A simple tool to forward all toot's from Mastodon to Buffer which will then post them on all supported and configured social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn,...
  •    Mastodon2Diaspora - A simple tool to forward all toot's from Mastodon to Diaspora.
  •    Blog2Medium - A simple tool read the RSS feed of your blog regularly and forward new articles to
  •    Sustain-NG - The Hugo theme I use for this web page, based on the theme "Sustain". It might contain some site specific parts but should also be usable for any other page. If you like it, try it out, tell me about your experience and contribute back if you have any ideas how to improve it.

Inactive Projects

  •    ownCloud - For various years I contributed various core features to ownCloud before I co-founded Nextcloud.